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Free PowerPoint DownloadWe frequently get asked about where we can find a free download of PowerPoint.

The answer depends upon what you are looking to do – viewing or creating PowerPoint Files.

However you can view and create PowerPoint in programmes that are free.

To view PowerPoint files

If someone has sent you a PowerPoint file you can download a free PowerPoint Viewer from the Microsoft Website.

Simply click on the link Free PowerPoint 2007 Viewer
and you will be able to download the free viewer.

Download Free Powerpoint Viewer

Please let me know if the link needs to be updated.

Free Trial of Office 2010 Download

Microsoft will be offering free Office applications (including Microsoft PowerPoint) on the web when it releases Office 2010 later this year .

Basically, anyone with a Windows Live account will be able to create, modify and share PowerPoint documents, completely free of charge.

The free versions won’t be quite as all-singing, all-dancing as the paid for application but until it is launched we will not know just how many fewer features it contains.

For the time being, users will need to download the Office 2010 30 day free trial version to get the free PowerPoint application.

Free Trial of Office

Free Microsoft Web Apps – including cut down Powerpoint

In response to packages like Google Docs and Open Office, Microsoft offers a “free” version of Web apps. These convenient online companions to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote offer you an easy way to access, view, and edit documents directly from your Web browser.

Office Web Apps require SharePoint Foundation 2010 for business use or a free Windows Live ID for personal use, as well as an appropriate device, an Internet connection, and a supported Web browser. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer 7 or later for Windows, Safari 4 or later for Mac, and Firefox 3.5 or later for Windows, Mac, or Linux. There are some differences between the features of Office Web Apps and the Office 2010 programs.

Free Microsoft Web Apps including PowerPoint

OpenOffice – Free alternative to PowerPoint

OpenOffice Impress
While a full version of PowerPoint could cost you over £300, there is a very good open source alternative. And what is better it is free too. It is part of the Open Office suite and it is called Impress. It features most of the features of PowerPoint and also a few more features such as the ability to export a presentation to a simple Flash file.

To download Open Office Impress click on the link Open Office Impress

One of the most impressive features about Impress is that it is that it’s user interface is just like PowerPoint. It also allows you to read in PowerPoint files and save them in the new format.

Open Office does not just include the Impress (the PowerPoint alternative) it also includes a fully functioning word processor (like Microsoft Word) and also a fully featured spreadsheet (like Excel).

You can read in PowerPoint files

Open PowerPoint files

And save in PowerPoint format

To download Open Office Impress click on the link
Open Office Impress

Download Open Office

You can also find more information about Impress at Open Office.

Open Office is one of the web’s best kept secrets. Microsoft have played a huge marketing game in keeping their office product in the public eye – despite this by 2005 over 40 Million copies of Open Office have been downloaded. Being Open Source it attracts a large community of developers and even features in Google’s Summer of Code which hopefully should be developing 3D transitions to Impress – something that as far as I am aware is not possible in PowerPoint. 

Google’s free alternative to PowerPoint

As a free online alternive to PowerPoint you can create your presentations using Google’s on-line presentation creation Tool.
Google Docs screen

Google Docs

Google docsalready supports on on-line alternative to Microsoft Word and Excel.

The feature set includes

  • Create and keep presentations in one place on the web computer.
  • Manage, update and share presentations with colleagues by sending them a simple e-mail invitation.
  • Edit the same presentation together online and in real time on the web.
  • Present and control slide shows for all viewers over the web, with no special set-up required. Chat with viewers in real time via integrated chat.
  • Import existing presentations to get started quickly.
  • Quickly publish presentations to the general public or individuals of their choice.

You can read more at our post Google’s Answer to PowerPoint.

Try Google Docs


8 December 2007

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thanks for making me aware of the alternatives to office, will give open office a try.

Posted by jon — 19 Jun @ 10:27 am

Pretty much what the guy above said – Thanks, i had no idea this was a free alternative!

Posted by John D — 14 Aug @ 2:28 pm

Thanks for the info.
Very helpfull.


Posted by Aldo Bastos — 10 Sep @ 6:43 pm

I think this is absolutely ideal.
Considering how much you have to pay for the microsoft version its like striking gold!

Posted by Becky Mckay — 13 Sep @ 4:45 pm

This is just great, because my computer doesn’t have PowerPoint.

Posted by Anonymous — 17 Sep @ 2:45 pm

Heloo Great Thanx

Posted by Jezz — 21 Sep @ 2:30 pm

Thanks, your the best

it’s the best

it’s free!!!

Posted by Alex — 30 Sep @ 8:00 am

after reading what other people have been saying about open office i quickly downloaded! and i mean wow oh my god! its amazing

Posted by Kavita — 3 Oct @ 3:01 pm

Lovin powerpoint

Posted by Anonymous — 4 Oct @ 4:41 am

thank you

Posted by edgard barros — 4 Oct @ 1:30 pm

REally cool

Posted by Davey — 4 Oct @ 10:05 pm

If I made a slide with Imress, would it make it so I could show it through Powerpoint Viewer? I just got an assignment due in 3 days on Powerpoint but I don’t have it.

Posted by Kelsey — 5 Oct @ 10:47 pm


You can save an Impress presentation as a PowerPoint file. File > Save As


Posted by admin — 6 Oct @ 5:21 pm

Thanks so much. I’ll try it out and hopefully all goes well. :)

Posted by Kelsey — 6 Oct @ 5:47 pm


Posted by conor — 6 Oct @ 10:22 pm

can anyone tell me where you can get power point for free:)

Posted by jambo — 7 Oct @ 11:47 am

Thanks i aint got power point.
plus i can trick my

Posted by Anonymous — 9 Oct @ 9:57 pm

very goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

Posted by Anonymous — 10 Oct @ 4:45 pm

How r u suposed to download powerpoint?

Posted by kady-ann smith — 12 Oct @ 1:33 pm

how can i download powerpoint for free? and not buy it?!

Posted by lol — 14 Oct @ 8:13 pm

In answer to the recent questions about how to download PowerPoint for free the answer is that you can’t. You can get the PowerPoint viewer for free but the main product is on sale commerically.

You can download OpenOffice for free – or you can use the Google Docs online package for free – but if you want the full PowerPoint package you will have to buy it.

Posted by admin — 14 Oct @ 10:42 pm

this thing is so cool

Posted by Lil foo — 15 Oct @ 2:15 am

how do u down load it then

Posted by josh — 15 Oct @ 8:50 pm

m not able top download Free Powerpoint 2003 Viewer..plz help..!!

Posted by kavita singh — 16 Oct @ 8:16 am

If you follow the link above that will be fine. I just tried it and it did not work automatically. However on the thank you page i was able to clic on the link that read.

“If your download does not start after 30 seconds, click this link: Start download.”

I was then able to download the software.

Posted by admin — 16 Oct @ 4:23 pm


Posted by 8i8 — 17 Oct @ 12:39 am

i was able to download it but an open page came up i clicked on open bt it then did not work please help me thanx !!

Posted by ? — 18 Oct @ 9:02 pm


Posted by MARiiLYN — 18 Oct @ 11:39 pm

after download where from i will looking for it?

Posted by mahak — 19 Oct @ 3:24 pm

download powerpoint

Posted by ryan — 21 Oct @ 8:07 am

Can I have PowerPoint Editor plz.

Posted by Ramya — 25 Oct @ 12:39 pm

:p :)
plz i really need this powerpoint for my project

Posted by lulwa — 27 Oct @ 4:56 am

you cant have it you have to bouy it for money you can only dowlaond the impress its really like power point

Posted by Patrik — 28 Oct @ 10:35 pm

very good and helpful

Posted by its me — 31 Oct @ 1:04 pm

I like it

Posted by raji — 1 Nov @ 12:57 am

thanks a lot

Posted by gidi — 1 Nov @ 4:30 pm

thanks!!!!!!!! u reallu help me!

Posted by babadaba — 3 Nov @ 2:31 am

pppllleaasse i need this for my science,math,english and history project

Posted by jina — 5 Nov @ 11:39 pm

thank u very much

Posted by jinu — 7 Nov @ 8:32 am

great advice thanks!!!!

Posted by lucy — 9 Nov @ 5:57 pm

Is It Really Free?? I need answers quick cuz I need to do a project . . . . =]

Posted by Jasmine — 10 Nov @ 2:54 am

that was fantastic i get to understand it!!

Posted by nadia — 11 Nov @ 9:56 am


Posted by ???? — 16 Nov @ 9:42 pm


Posted by callum — 17 Nov @ 9:17 am

is it free?

Posted by Lea — 17 Nov @ 10:18 pm

Hiiaa Is sthiss Free :) x

Posted by Heyy Heyy =] — 18 Nov @ 1:04 pm

how do u get it

Posted by marco — 19 Nov @ 12:03 am

thank you very much

Posted by amer — 20 Nov @ 4:30 pm

OMG. THANK YOU!!! ive been staring at the screen for 5 hours to find a powerpoint download..THATS FREE!! omg. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!! i really needed this badly XD YOU ROCK!

Posted by hisgirl1212 — 23 Nov @ 3:43 am

yo…anyway to add extra fonts…???

Posted by Pshyk — 27 Nov @ 3:30 am

thank you very much

Posted by Anonymous — 28 Nov @ 7:53 pm


Posted by quan — 30 Nov @ 11:13 am

thnk yuuu~! this really helps students make presentations without staying afterschool to use the school’s powerpoint =D ^.^

Posted by Marie — 1 Dec @ 7:11 pm


Posted by mmmm777 — 3 Dec @ 5:34 pm

so goooooddd

Posted by gizem — 4 Dec @ 2:08 pm

I got 40min left to complete a school project with PowerPoint. So this will help very much downloading at 400 kb/s :) (THANK YOU)

Posted by Anonym — 5 Dec @ 9:13 pm

this is taking sssssoooooooo! long

Posted by scuzz — 8 Dec @ 3:36 pm


Posted by Anonymous — 11 Dec @ 1:54 am

To create and edit PowerPoint files for free you need to install Open Office Impress on the following link

Posted by admin — 11 Dec @ 10:05 pm

Very nice. It, to me, is like striking gold!

Posted by Teddy Bear — 13 Dec @ 3:29 am

thanks but still a cant get powerpoint doenload how do u do it but the advice is still cool thanks

Posted by amy — 13 Dec @ 5:30 pm

thanks adam when u see this writting it really did help me thanks hun
who eva u are

Posted by amy — 13 Dec @ 5:47 pm

is this free??n how long is it for??

Posted by krisie — 16 Dec @ 11:25 pm

thank you

Posted by chisonie — 19 Dec @ 12:18 am

I downloaded ppviewer and tried to view a .pps file. I got ‘unknown type’.

Posted by Luke Osborn — 19 Dec @ 4:26 pm

Great, It says it downloaded successfully but when I try to open a power point e-mail from someone it saysI do not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Why not if I have it downloaded?

Posted by Margie — 19 Dec @ 7:30 pm


Posted by Anonymous — 20 Dec @ 12:05 am


Is it the powerpoint viewer link that you are stuggling with?

Posted by admin — 21 Dec @ 8:53 am

that is sssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooo cool man I mean its free

Posted by lee — 21 Dec @ 7:48 pm

i am a ninja an i got a powa point.
ninja need powa pointz.
tank ya fo dis powa point i jus got.

Posted by naruto — 23 Dec @ 1:22 am


Posted by tina — 28 Dec @ 2:59 pm

love it!

Posted by veronke — 29 Dec @ 1:05 pm

i really need a powerpoint presentation on my computer but i havent gt 1 + if i dnt gt 1 soon im gnna fail all my coursework so plaese some 1 help me!!

Posted by zara — 30 Dec @ 7:15 pm

greattttttt thankssss x

Posted by samantha — 31 Dec @ 1:49 pm

google is your friend

Posted by Anonymous — 1 Jan @ 12:06 am

it is good

Posted by trekaaa — 1 Jan @ 6:33 am


Posted by bem — 3 Jan @ 10:25 pm

it is sooooo cool but av payed money to get it that is what u have to do then u will have it it is soooooooo

Posted by amy — 8 Jan @ 2:24 pm

What can I say ? Thank you so much!!!

Posted by Anne-Marie Gagne — 9 Jan @ 12:42 am

Is this free i hope it is!!!XxX

Posted by Kiera!!XxX — 9 Jan @ 8:09 pm

im downloading it now. hopefully it works, cuz it’s free. If it does, im so gonna tell all my classmates!! I cant believe microsoft actually charges us for powerpoint. sheesh!

*bookmark this page!*

Posted by vk — 10 Jan @ 12:51 pm

download successful! yeah!

thank you very much for this free software. it really helps financially-strained undergrads to be able to still do our presentations without having to pay so much for microsoft.

Really.. a big thanks to all of you!

Posted by vk — 10 Jan @ 1:07 pm

YYYAAAyYY!!! i did it XD i got it 4 free^^ and it work’s:P thak’s a lot!!

Posted by maja — 14 Jan @ 12:24 pm

is there any power point were you can ma ke them your self ?

Posted by ashleigh watts — 14 Jan @ 8:00 pm

thank you so much guys , you save my life :)

Posted by estefania — 15 Jan @ 2:18 am

it is cool

Posted by alex — 18 Jan @ 4:32 am

how do you actually download powerpoint presentation (not viewer)

Posted by dosen't matter — 20 Jan @ 9:37 pm

i agree why cant they just a website where we can just download presentation not veiwer!!!!!!! i need it!

Posted by dosen't matter — 20 Jan @ 9:38 pm


Posted by J HARRIS — 29 Jan @ 2:24 pm

it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by leanne — 31 Jan @ 5:58 pm

That is so wicked! i needed powerpoint 4 my school computers that dont have them and now i have my free solution! thanks so much

Posted by spoof — 1 Feb @ 5:01 am

well i need to ake a powerpoint for school and im not going to pay for it isn’t there a other version of PP not for commercial thinks to download…

Posted by hessel — 3 Feb @ 8:05 pm


Posted by Anonymous — 5 Feb @ 7:10 am

thank you soo much i soo needed it for school

Posted by Anonymous — 5 Feb @ 7:27 pm

Thanks a lot. i was looking for powerpoint so badly.

Posted by pankaj — 5 Feb @ 9:32 pm

it iz da bezt

Posted by Anonymous — 16 Feb @ 10:23 pm

i love this so awesome

Posted by Allsion — 2 Mar @ 7:30 pm

it actuallty works

Posted by monuica — 9 Mar @ 9:39 pm

How do you get the microsoft free 60 day trial if you’re from Canada?

Posted by Amy — 11 Mar @ 1:18 am

this is really good,
thanks for your help!!.

Posted by Cookie Dough — 17 Mar @ 5:40 pm

Thank you so much for saving my project.

Posted by Adam EDM — 22 Mar @ 5:03 am

its cccccccccccccccccoooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllll

Posted by shanice cox — 22 Mar @ 10:28 pm

I hate how our school projects makes you use powerpoint and my computers doesn’t have it! I’m so glad there is a trial. It’s gonna save me from an F. I just wish this thing was free..

Posted by Ryo — 22 Mar @ 10:50 pm

i just downloaded this but i dont know how to make a new slide.

i know on the first one there is a blank page but once ive finished writing on that one how do i go to the next one?

please help!!!!!!
girl desperete!

Posted by sharayah — 27 Mar @ 7:02 am

you see the slides on the side of the left of the screen you just click on that and it will bring you a new slide

Posted by Anonymous — 1 Apr @ 1:08 pm


Posted by Ty — 2 Apr @ 6:31 am

this is a good promgram

Posted by mimi — 3 Apr @ 10:38 pm

this page is super cool

Posted by ariel — 6 Apr @ 3:58 pm


Posted by sarah — 12 Apr @ 4:06 am

hey i think it is cool to have a powerpoint that i can do at home for things

Posted by samantha — 14 Apr @ 9:42 pm

very good

Posted by ok — 19 Apr @ 9:02 am

very good

Posted by abdallah bahnasy — 20 Apr @ 7:24 pm

thanks alot i got a A on my project for that.

Posted by da_fresh kid — 21 Apr @ 9:42 pm

after your 60 day free trial is up on powerpoint do you have to pay, or can you cancel the free trial before it ends?

Posted by Storm — 23 Apr @ 9:07 pm

omg this is so cool, i made a cub pengin slide show ^.^

Posted by shannon — 25 Apr @ 10:59 pm

very gooooooooooooooooooood

Posted by nn — 26 Apr @ 4:05 pm

I have a school project due soon! In my school all the computers have Microsoft Powerpoint. I downloaded the free version of Open office impress, but i can’t open my Powerpoint at school..I really need some help! there any way to open the Impress powerpoint on a computer that has Microsoft powerpoint?..

Posted by amanda — 1 May @ 12:31 am

Thanks a lot.

Posted by Jackson — 1 May @ 11:27 am

it is so cool

Posted by Anonymous — 2 May @ 2:09 pm


You will need to save your impress presentation in PowerPoint format.

File > Save As > PowerPoint

Posted by admin — 2 May @ 4:50 pm

How do i get a free download of powerpoint 2003?ive got powerpoint 2000 office but i want really good clip art when i am hyperlinking!

Posted by Harry — 5 May @ 12:04 pm

Is this like the Office addition because it’s very useful when it comes to overlapping and altering the color of a photo.

Posted by Trish — 7 May @ 3:46 am

I cannot believe that the majority of the people that have posted in this ongoing thread cannot figure out how to download something and I cannot believe that some of the people just can’t go back to the top of the page and click on the link instead of asking for someone to help them or asking someone to give them the link.
The ignorance of some people astonishes me.

Posted by Amber — 7 May @ 7:21 pm

thank you! now I can use this for my website!!!

Posted by Kayla — 8 May @ 10:44 pm

i think i works awesome and u shud download it

Posted by Tanya — 10 May @ 7:21 pm

so then whats the catch behind all this? there got to be a catch somewhere, you can’t get anything for free these days so y this?

Posted by Anonymous — 16 May @ 9:54 pm


Posted by Anonymous — 19 May @ 2:46 am

Free Office for download here:

Totally free!
After you downloaded the file, double-click it to install the programm

Enjoy (it’s FREE)

Posted by Anonymous — 20 May @ 9:04 pm

thanks so much
i was really needing a powerpoint software

Posted by Anonymous — 20 May @ 10:52 pm

i like power pont becouse i have too do lots off things on it i love it it is the best ever

Posted by anastasia — 24 Jun @ 9:21 am

PowerPoint is so amazing mon i cant believe it !

Posted by Paige — 16 Jul @ 4:37 pm

its so cool

Posted by jazz — 27 Jul @ 10:32 pm

its fantastic to use and ive heard lots about it

Posted by sarah — 2 Aug @ 4:10 pm

brill i am getting it

Posted by chantelle — 12 Sep @ 5:49 pm

how do you print it in handout format. everytime i try it just starts to print it the normal way. helpp

Posted by michael — 17 Sep @ 8:43 am

wow thats well cool. i need 2 download it 4 my school project. but 4 free. it’s well cool hope i can download it 4 free!

Posted by brad — 21 Sep @ 11:29 am

It is indeed cool, however two important things were missed.

First off, regarding… It is also available in portable format. This is offered both by U3, and U3 is a waste though since it is a space hog. The portable apps edition though only takes about 220Mb and can be put on ANYTHING. So flash drives, mp3 players portable hard drives. You name it it works (i have tested this fact out myself)

The other thing that is worth mentioning is quite new… It is the fact that Google, in all of its immense awesomeness has created a pack for windows that includes the COMMERCIAL equivalent of FOR FREE. The advantages to this are more templates, more clipart and so fourth, otherwise they are essentially the same. It is called Star Office they are released by the same company which happens to be Sun Microsystems. So have a ball people. Both are capable of saving and opening in the Microsoft extensions. However with the portable edition its hardly necessary since you have all that is needed to open your files anywhere and any time (providing the computer is windows based).

Posted by Tom — 23 Sep @ 3:47 pm

thank you soo much. i have a presentation due at 8 tomorrow and just realized that i didn’t have powerpoint. hopefully this will work. fingers crossed

Posted by Anonymous — 1 Oct @ 6:24 am

This is my take on most of the above comments. People listen you cannot DOWNLOAD POWER POINT FOR FREE YOU NEED TO PURCHASE IT. YOU CAN ONLY DOWNLOAD THE VIEWER FOR FREE.


Posted by Tina — 2 Oct @ 11:10 pm

THIS IS SO KEWL!!! lol i have an exam in 2 days, i have 3 powerpoint the teacher gave us, we need to read them and i dont have powerpoint, THIS IS SAVING MY LIFE!!! geez i though i was SCREWED that i’d get a big 0 but no you’re my hero ;) and those link too :P

Why does people keep asking that question “how do i download it can u plz tell me” are you people blind, you CANT that it and thats all open your eye and read lol many people said it, even the admin. Damn lucky i’m not the admin, to read all those comments for nothing, ouch :P

Anyway thanks i think i’ll stick with google, those days i see more and more link on google, i begin to see how big it is :P

Posted by HackStuff — 5 Oct @ 8:50 am

i love power point it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool !!! :]

Posted by Anonymous — 7 Oct @ 3:52 pm

Could u plz help me to find a good design of power point for my presentation for free. I will do a presentation for political theory which is more philosophical…. hence i need a design appropriate to it.

thanx, ozoda

Posted by Ozoda — 10 Oct @ 12:43 pm


Posted by ashur — 15 Oct @ 10:59 pm

Hi i am Gargi Singh and its good that some people have mind and they have made a great thing for us to make presentations on power point and i wannah thank him or her to make it for us.

Posted by gargi singh — 23 Oct @ 11:02 am

not bad

Posted by Anonymous — 28 Oct @ 12:36 pm


Posted by megan — 31 Oct @ 6:39 pm

is there any charges of downloading it

Posted by Anonymous — 6 Nov @ 1:18 am

what is it good? download it and find out mate

Posted by Anonymous — 6 Nov @ 1:20 am

it is collllllllllllll

Posted by Anonymous — 6 Nov @ 6:05 pm

Power Point Is Amazin It Rules !

Posted by Connie Wilson — 17 Nov @ 5:35 pm

how i can make the song longer in the all page of powrpoint ?

Posted by robin — 18 Nov @ 5:10 am

cool it is like so awsome that like i love it

Posted by charlotte — 20 Nov @ 2:57 pm

it rocks

Posted by meg — 3 Dec @ 4:39 pm


Posted by ASHRAF — 4 Dec @ 6:43 pm

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! I just hope it works with the schools poerpoint system!

Posted by anonymous — 7 Dec @ 5:19 am

Thats nicwe

Posted by Anonymous — 10 Dec @ 11:45 am

loook good

Posted by Anonymous — 3 Jan @ 5:49 pm

Jeez are you lot all missing a few marbles? I think you need to pay attention a school a bit more.

The man said you can’t download MS Powerpoint for free unless you are doing it illegally. Use the free versions mentioned here and then “save as” an MS PP doc so you can use it on a machine that has a legit copy MSPowerpoint!

Now go and do your homework!

Posted by Someone who made it — 6 Jan @ 3:56 am

Well said! I was starting to wonder about a loss of marbles too! It really isn’t difficult to understand if you just read…. Come on people wake up!!

Posted by Quickthinker — 6 Jan @ 2:31 pm


Posted by kandinee — 6 Jan @ 5:11 pm

thank you
i always have to do presentations but rely on my friends alot because i never knew there was a free alternative
open office is my new bestfriend when it comes to projects

Posted by angel — 8 Jan @ 5:45 am

nice site..

Posted by foram — 8 Jan @ 11:24 am

this was very helpful,

Posted by Susie — 10 Jan @ 12:08 pm

cant v store the created presentations frm google doc in pendrive

Posted by Anonymous — 11 Jan @ 9:35 am


Posted by nabila — 11 Jan @ 9:36 am

i really think power-point is super trouper lights are gonna blind me

Posted by Alice harvey — 19 Jan @ 5:51 pm

hey this is great

Posted by Anonymous — 24 Jan @ 11:31 pm

will a presentation of impress open with powerpoint?

Posted by starr — 27 Jan @ 8:13 pm

You will have to save an open office impress presentation in powerpoint format for it to open in powerpoint.

This is as simple as File > Save As

Posted by admin — 27 Jan @ 9:16 pm


Open Office is not the same thing as PowerPoint but it does the right sort of things and it is free as well. It is well worth a try.

Posted by admin — 13 Feb @ 10:40 am

k…i have NO I DEA WERE TO DOWNLOAD IT! and this one id diffrent then the one i have at school. I don’t know were 2 find the one from my school…but i guess this will do.

Posted by Alice — 21 Feb @ 3:24 am

it is good

Posted by hany — 3 Mar @ 2:32 am

This is wonderful.

Posted by Jessica — 3 Mar @ 3:57 pm

I also think it is great because my computer doesn’t have powerpoint either!!

Posted by Jonas Brothers Lover!! — 9 Mar @ 4:30 am

this in wonderful

Posted by Anonymous — 20 Mar @ 12:53 pm

Thank you so very much for the OpenOffice link. This is going to help so much when I have to do a presentation for my college class. I was about to have a panic attack until I cam across this. Awesome!

Posted by Sarah — 22 Mar @ 11:39 pm

goooooooooooood buddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Posted by lucky — 27 Mar @ 6:23 pm

oh,it is very easy realy u helped me thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Posted by Abdul Quddoos — 4 Apr @ 5:55 pm

I love it it is sooooooooooooooooo cool it really helped me. thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by Posh Girl — 8 Apr @ 12:49 pm

My sincere & heart-felt gratitude for having given this beautiful oppurtunity to have myself this free download; so as to make me able me to have self practice at home for my school-project preparation.

Posted by sai kumar — 11 Apr @ 2:12 pm

This has been out for a few years and Java has helped it development grow.

Posted by Java VP — 13 Apr @ 4:05 am

OMG! this is a God send! thank u very much…

Posted by i love freebies — 20 Apr @ 6:12 pm

very good :)

Posted by yoyo — 20 Apr @ 7:07 pm


Posted by Matilda — 25 Apr @ 7:51 pm

thanks you

Posted by jaskirat — 12 May @ 12:47 am

this is great. I just bought a netbook and was just about to dish out 150 for microsoft office, until i realized that netbooks don’t come with a CD drive! you just saved me from buying a CD drive I don’t need for 50 bucks and the 150 for office. hopefully open office will be enough for me.

Posted by :D — 14 May @ 12:46 am

great thank you ..

Posted by minsoo — 17 May @ 11:06 am

this is awesome

Posted by Anonymous — 27 May @ 12:08 am

this thing is sooooo cool
i love it
i used it for an assingment and go 100%
Alright y’all

Posted by Henrik Ban-Boven — 27 May @ 12:46 am

I use for presentation making too, but many of the companies I do business with, do not use OpenOffice software at all, and this makes it impossible to do presentations on their company computers. (Keep in mind that most companies won’t allow outsiders to hook up their own laptops to the company systems.)

Posted by Bernie — 28 May @ 4:50 am

it’s great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Samantha — 31 May @ 3:23 am

it is brill i used it 60 times for work for the kids im a teacher it awsome what fun it is the kids love it they are 1- and 16 so the oldest has been using it in school and her own laptop

Posted by Miss G Bail — 18 Jun @ 7:40 pm


Posted by david — 22 Jun @ 7:05 am


Posted by shadiya — 20 Jul @ 10:36 am


Posted by alice — 22 Jul @ 8:55 am

its so so so cool thanks :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Posted by jamie — 27 Jul @ 8:10 am

Thanks i think.i used the open office impress

Posted by Amanda — 5 Aug @ 9:56 am

it has good animations

Posted by rashed ali — 9 Aug @ 10:24 am

thank you

Posted by zabana — 11 Aug @ 2:53 pm

it rocks!

Posted by anonymous — 14 Aug @ 1:22 am

thank you

Posted by adolfin — 17 Aug @ 7:19 pm


Posted by Anonymous — 22 Aug @ 6:56 am

Can you open the Open Office Impress files with Powerpoint?? Just wondering! :)

Posted by Anonymous — 30 Aug @ 6:23 pm

Woah! Loving this being free. & For those of you wondering, you can save the Open Office Impress files as a Powerpoint (so then you can open it with it). Theres a screen shot of how to do it. :)

Posted by Cole — 11 Sep @ 5:29 pm

this is a good program to do our hmwork very goood

Posted by ingrid sanchez — 15 Sep @ 10:14 pm

Just love it.

Posted by Lee — 19 Sep @ 4:16 pm

i love powerpoint!!!! Its the best! Rock on!!!

Posted by yoda — 21 Sep @ 11:26 pm

very very good

Posted by me — 27 Sep @ 4:36 pm

When I click on Free 2003 PowerPoint viewer and it brings me to a list of sites. I click on the link that allows me to download the powerpoint viewer and it doesnt let me open the link and says it can’t be found?

Posted by Anonymous — 30 Sep @ 2:30 am

i need to dawnload powerpoint how can i do that because i been trying to google it but it doent work

Posted by pedro — 4 Oct @ 10:48 pm


i love powerpoint :D

who ever made powerpoint it is real good

Posted by sajeeda — 6 Oct @ 6:39 pm

is it a good power point

Posted by savannah — 6 Oct @ 8:15 pm

Thank you! I need to do a school project and I dont have power point. THANK YOU =D

Posted by Some kid who needed this — 7 Oct @ 10:57 pm

hey thnkx for who did this it was a great help i really had to use this for school yous have bin a great help thankyou.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by megan — 14 Oct @ 5:03 pm

thats coool

Posted by max — 14 Oct @ 6:52 pm


Posted by Anonymous — 16 Oct @ 2:10 pm

it is fantastic

Posted by liam — 19 Oct @ 1:38 pm

its awsome

Posted by rosa — 22 Oct @ 5:22 am

omg this is amazing

Posted by blerta — 22 Oct @ 8:10 pm

Gratis ?

Posted by een meisj — 23 Oct @ 10:40 pm

i like it becouse you can do lots of suf on it

Posted by dion — 6 Nov @ 5:24 pm

heyy it looks so cool

Posted by smiley — 10 Nov @ 11:06 pm

dose it work ???????

Posted by james — 13 Nov @ 7:21 pm

it is a good idea for helping the students

Posted by vikas mor — 19 Nov @ 6:11 am

After the 60 day trial do you have to buy it??? And if u do how much does it cost???

Posted by Hi — 20 Nov @ 10:06 am


Posted by Anonymous — 20 Nov @ 10:18 pm


Posted by Anonymous — 22 Nov @ 3:50 am

thanks. I gave OpenOffice a try and it is exactly the same as powerpoint. and the best thing about it, is thats it FREE!!!!
smile all round :)

Posted by Sophia Holder — 24 Nov @ 6:44 pm


Posted by Anonymous — 3 Dec @ 5:48 am

this is it

Posted by manos — 11 Dec @ 10:20 pm


Posted by manos — 11 Dec @ 10:21 pm


Posted by BILLYGOAT — 13 Dec @ 7:36 pm

Its great.

Posted by Sohail Malik — 10 Jan @ 12:40 pm

thk u so much.

Posted by sunny — 12 Jan @ 3:04 pm

its cool :)

Posted by courtney — 15 Jan @ 7:14 pm


Posted by katie — 29 Jan @ 8:37 pm

wow :P

Posted by tom — 7 Feb @ 9:29 pm

wow – a lots of messages

Posted by pellie - greece — 12 Feb @ 1:27 pm

woooow :)

Posted by bob — 15 Feb @ 1:09 pm

i was looking for animated themes of powerpoint but didnt find any……….:(

Posted by Anonymous — 17 Feb @ 3:08 pm

Dude this is just what i need thanx so much iv got to complete an assigmet so yeah this suff helped :P

Posted by Mad Stuff — 1 Mar @ 7:10 am

This website is ok :):P

Posted by Anonymous — 3 Mar @ 11:25 pm

omg this is awsome

Posted by ethan — 15 Mar @ 2:03 pm

this is so cool i use it at school for power points

Posted by chloe — 18 Mar @ 6:29 pm

it is very gooooooooooooooooooooooooood

Posted by mido — 19 Mar @ 10:50 am

very good (children)…

I’m happy on the program love you program !

Posted by Matesh — 23 Mar @ 1:46 pm


Posted by Anonymous — 24 Mar @ 5:18 pm

omg cool

Posted by ali — 28 Mar @ 6:19 am

fully interesting
pleaze put more ppt designe for social science.

Posted by amir — 9 Apr @ 3:37 pm

i like your website

Posted by caitlen — 17 Apr @ 4:40 am


Posted by shima — 30 Apr @ 3:28 pm

is there for mind mapping?

Posted by Anonymous — 5 May @ 5:51 am

Impress stinks. It is not a good alternative for Microsoft PowerPoint. I tried making a presentation using it, and it was absolute garbage. It is impossible to make a decent, aesthetically pleasing PowerPoint presentation on Impress. Please stop offering it as a solution, because it is essentially worthless. Microsoft PP is worth the money, I promise

Posted by Angry User — 21 May @ 12:44 am

its soo cool thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by chantae — 22 May @ 12:33 pm

anks for making me aware of the alternatives to office

Posted by manto — 31 May @ 9:53 am

hi! I’m Amerikan

Who ever made Power Point tell them I love it


Posted by emma — 11 Jun @ 7:11 pm


Posted by Anonymous — 12 Jun @ 9:49 am

power ponit is awsome

Posted by Anonymous — 14 Jun @ 10:39 am

power point is the best:)

Posted by Anonymous — 14 Jun @ 10:40 am

power ponit is awsome

Posted by rony — 14 Jun @ 5:06 pm

that is so pretty site,I wish u will become upbeat

Posted by s.sf — 26 Jun @ 5:48 pm

Excellent from Australia!!!!

Posted by Anonymous — 3 Jul @ 4:42 am

that is a quite fun site

Posted by cool — 14 Aug @ 9:53 pm

i liked your presentations and love to make one by my self

thank you

Posted by Vishal Vikash Kumar — 17 Aug @ 1:20 am

I would like having not to do my work on a peice of paper

Posted by thomas — 18 Aug @ 4:33 am

its nice

Posted by komal — 31 Aug @ 6:26 am

ok i will try it.

Posted by bholanath.regmi — 1 Sep @ 8:44 am

i like this so much it made me cry!!!!!!

Posted by meshia — 2 Sep @ 12:48 am

good because it great :-)

Posted by janis — 10 Sep @ 12:58 pm

great thanksss!

Posted by hommy — 14 Sep @ 8:38 am

they all message are so good

Posted by janis — 14 Sep @ 7:03 pm

they all message are so good:-)

Posted by janis — 14 Sep @ 7:03 pm


Posted by Diveid — 16 Sep @ 3:14 am


Posted by sally-?? ???? — 16 Sep @ 3:07 pm

This is great stuff, Thanx.

Posted by Parksy — 17 Sep @ 1:04 pm

absulutly amazing :)

Posted by danny — 25 Sep @ 8:30 am

thanks me and my mom really needed powerpoint because we’re both in school

Posted by imagine — 27 Sep @ 10:20 pm

this is great

Posted by codie — 29 Sep @ 11:00 am

it’s sooooooooooooooooooo cool

Posted by stacey — 2 Oct @ 6:27 pm

Where can I download microsoft powerpoint 2003? Not 2007 or 2010 but 2003?

Every site I go to just sends me to other rubbish sites and I can never actually download the actual program, actually.

Please help.

Posted by Dasha — 3 Oct @ 2:48 pm


I don’t think that you can now download PowerPoint 2003. It’s possible that you could pick up a second hand copy on ebay.

Posted by admin — 5 Oct @ 3:31 pm

i love this :-)

Posted by Anonymous — 6 Oct @ 2:32 pm


Posted by KAIF — 11 Oct @ 4:30 pm

This is to much to read my eyes are hurting

Posted by katelyn — 13 Oct @ 6:57 pm


Posted by minnie — 22 Oct @ 12:00 am

I am not very happy about this powerpoint it Says you Ca download it But no you cant so if i dont get it how i want it there us se

Posted by Leah — 22 Oct @ 5:59 pm


Posted by MR ? — 23 Oct @ 3:41 pm

but how do you download it

Posted by Anonymous — 23 Oct @ 7:58 pm

its really fine, amazing templates, to have with, shall get them freely, how to download them

Posted by nisanka — 25 Oct @ 8:46 am


Posted by raja — 27 Oct @ 5:55 am

is this really free???

Posted by princess — 28 Oct @ 10:56 pm


Posted by luis — 30 Oct @ 11:18 pm

its really fun , cool and great…..

Posted by heena — 1 Nov @ 4:12 pm

how the heck do u download powerpoint

Posted by Anonymous — 1 Nov @ 6:49 pm

Cool love it

Posted by Rrrr — 6 Nov @ 4:14 am

AWESOME…FREE???????? r u’s kidding?
thanks…i got a project due this week…THANKYOU SOOO MUCH (IF THIS WORKS)

Posted by me — 10 Nov @ 7:54 am

Can you tell me how downland this program?!…

please HELP!!!


Posted by PIS — 10 Nov @ 9:23 pm

is it really free

Posted by Anonymous — 16 Nov @ 6:06 pm

it nice to have a powerpoint online because my computer doesnt have a power point

Posted by ingrid — 23 Nov @ 9:28 pm

Hey Guy check ppt 2010 its the best you have ever seen

Posted by Irfan Aziz — 26 Nov @ 2:56 pm

i love pp:-*

Posted by sania — 26 Nov @ 6:18 pm

it’s realy free

Posted by zeyad — 1 Dec @ 10:26 am

i really like it!!!:)

Posted by sarosh — 5 Dec @ 5:32 pm

I have a presentation on genetics and m a nursing student could u provide me with relevant ppt designs and backgrounds

Posted by Anonymous — 9 Dec @ 2:24 pm

how y download this thing?!

Posted by mcrlover — 11 Dec @ 3:20 am

paano mag download ng powerpoint ?

Posted by jhace — 11 Dec @ 7:06 am

Very helpful step-by-step instructions! Thanks!

Posted by eirelav_92 — 11 Dec @ 6:26 pm

Can you make presentation with this or just view them?!

Posted by Anita Beejay — 8 Jan @ 4:07 pm

hi i still dont understand

Posted by anoymous ong — 11 Jan @ 8:03 am

Hi, can I help? What don’t you understand?

Posted by rboynton — 12 Jan @ 11:44 am

There is a free trial of PowerPoint or after that a PowerPoint viewer. We have also included links to a “free” version of Web apps, these convenient online companions to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. There is also a link to a PowerPoint alternatives OpenOffice or Google docs.

Posted by rboynton — 12 Jan @ 11:49 am

oooooooooooooooooooooooo :)

Posted by macie — 27 Jan @ 5:55 pm

I am in love with OpenOffice Impress. I have an .odp (Impress ver. of a .ppt) that looks and sounds of of sight…on my computer. But an .odp player doesn’t exist, anywhere. And when I run it in PowerPoint viewer, the sounds aren’t there and the fonts are a big mess. So it’s not portable, at least not fully. Looking for an .odp player online feels like driving through a bad part of town, and they ain’t there to be found. Somebody should make that!!

Posted by Free Art Test — 27 Jan @ 9:48 pm

thank you so much, school is so much easier when I can view the powerpoint!

Posted by oz — 29 Jan @ 5:14 pm

nice :)

Posted by Selene V. — 2 Feb @ 1:39 am

it was good not the besst though !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous — 4 Feb @ 6:39 pm

pawerpoint ilove you very nice

Posted by sohaib — 8 Feb @ 6:42 am

how to dowload power point

Posted by anni — 10 Feb @ 1:04 pm

i like it :D

Posted by Anonymous — 11 Feb @ 6:10 pm

will it mess ur computer up or do anything to it???

Posted by madelyn — 15 Feb @ 6:19 am

powerpoint is very good thing to use.

Posted by Bertie — 19 Feb @ 2:39 pm

contemporary challenges in business

Posted by ohm prakash — 24 Feb @ 10:15 am


Posted by Anonymous — 24 Feb @ 10:29 am

you are cool

Posted by Anonymous — 27 Feb @ 5:34 pm


Posted by jade — 1 Mar @ 10:41 pm

How do I do this?

Posted by Gaye Kim — 18 Mar @ 9:27 pm

please give me powerpoint

Posted by foyma — 22 Mar @ 9:31 pm

great tool…….

Posted by Anonymous — 28 Mar @ 6:44 pm


Posted by Veronica — 6 Apr @ 10:06 pm

i love it

Posted by hien — 9 Apr @ 11:43 am

Is Microsoft PowerPoint like Word?

Posted by Rhea — 20 Apr @ 1:25 am

PowerPoint and Word are both Microsoft products, therefore they tend to have the same layout and tools. Word is a wordprocessing application designed usually for longer documents, PowerPoint is presentation software where individual slides can be created and then joined together to make a slideshow. All our templates are done in PowerPoint to allow access to certain features Word doesn’t have such as vector shapes, backgrounds and keeping outlines of pages together. Hope this helps

Posted by rboynton — 20 Apr @ 10:15 am

ummmmm. …….iii don’t know how to download a background please help meeeee…..

Posted by Anonymous — 15 Jul @ 7:51 am

I loveit

Posted by ivyna — 25 Jul @ 3:04 pm

wow! I love you powerpoint. Without you I can’t learn how I learn now!

Posted by person — 30 Sep @ 1:04 am

I never know that open office is free. Thanks so much !! I was so worried about the powerpoint slides i have to prepare by sunday and yet I do not have powerpoint. <33333

Posted by Anonymous — 22 Oct @ 4:37 am

i love whoever made this thank you so much again

Posted by hp — 31 Jan @ 9:13 pm

i love it its awesome and fun

Posted by maranda — 17 Mar @ 1:32 am

I like it! :)

Posted by Fahima — 4 May @ 4:16 pm

thank so much

Posted by george rosas — 11 May @ 5:42 pm

cool thanx

Posted by morgan — 23 May @ 5:14 pm

I never used it but in my school we do a lot of projet on power point and it is nice to use and my friends like doing projets for fun on power point so you have to use it

Posted by Mylene — 28 May @ 10:57 pm

If you like power point you have to use all of the Micosofts it is awsome and nice

Posted by Mylene — 28 May @ 11:00 pm

Very good article. I am going through a few of these issues as well.

Posted by visit — 20 Aug @ 12:21 am

Spot on with this write-up, I seriously believe this website needs much more attention.

I’ll probably be returning to see more, thanks for the info!

Posted by m — 12 Sep @ 4:18 pm

I thin it was fantastic

Posted by Fahim — 18 Sep @ 10:20 pm


Posted by Sarah — 26 Jan @ 3:51 pm

I have not got microsoft powerpoint now i have it.

Posted by call — 7 Apr @ 1:11 pm

cea mai naspaa prezentare nu are nici un sens

Posted by lala — 2 May @ 10:11 am

i like it

Posted by hamto — 18 Jun @ 12:33 pm

It is sad that I only have a 2003 powerpoint…
I can’t download ppt backgrounds,templates, etc..
However I really appreciate this homepage, ’cause we can have wonderful backgrounds.

Posted by Turtle — 10 Aug @ 3:12 pm

thanks so much!

Posted by jak — 3 Nov @ 4:29 pm

thank you

Posted by park — 15 Nov @ 9:34 pm

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