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Online Christmas Card Maker

Introducing Presentation Helper’s new free online Christmas card maker.

This is a free-to-use tool to create your own personalised Christmas, birthday and Valentine cards to send to friends, family and work colleagues via email.

Currently this is a beta version that we will tweak and update to improve using your feedback. So please do not hesitate to tell us what you think and how it can be improved.


Why use this Christmas card maker?

What’s different about this card maker? While there are other online tools available to create e-cards, most of these will either make you send the card from their own website, adding their own logos or advertising with your card, or they make the recipient click a link that takes them to a web page with the card, which will again have advertising and such on it. Our maker is also free.

With this card maker you can save the image on to your computer or paste directly into your own email account, which makes the card more personal and ensures that no advertising comes with the card when sent. Neither does it require the user to click on any web links to receive it.

We will also be increasing the number of cards available so that soon we will have a large library of Christmas images for you to choose from.

How to use the card maker

Here is a brief overview of how to use the card maker.

1. Select the image you want to use for your card.

2. Use the text editor to write your message; you can change the message and font size.

3. Press the generate button. Your card is now turned into a png image.

4. When the image is completed you can right-click the image and save on to your computer or copy and paste straight into an email.

5. You can now go back and create a new card.

Take me to the Free Online Christmas Card Maker

We also have a free online birthday card maker

If you have any comments and suggestions then please let us know below.

Please note that all spam or suspicious comments will be deleted.

Views 16,054

1 December 2015

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Comments on: Free Christmas Card Maker

If you’ve made a card and sent a card with tool then we would love to know.

Also what pics would you like to see on there?

Posted by jonathanball — 25 Sep @ 11:50 am

I think your site is great! I used one of your templates last year to create a PowerPoint Christmas card. Will your Christmas card maker include animated templates?

Posted by Jocelyn — 18 Nov @ 12:47 am

Hi Jocelyn,

Glad you liked the templates. Animated templates would be a nice idea, if we get time we may do some.


Posted by jonathanball — 19 Nov @ 3:32 pm

Very Good Site

Posted by Nri Gujarati — 2 Nov @ 7:47 pm

thank you for such an amazing few months.
I love you so much x

Posted by IMAN XX — 17 Dec @ 11:32 pm

your site is awesome! thank you…thank you…thank you very much! christmas has never been easier with your cardmaker. long live your website!

Posted by petite — 23 Dec @ 3:39 am

Very Good Site. Thanks for your great work!

Posted by Paul — 18 Oct @ 3:00 am

Hi, thought I had done everything ok sent a card in some emails even sent one to myself to double check. All seemed fine until the next time I got a reply and the picture had jump to different text and picture. Why? ANy idea’s??

Posted by Sandra — 16 Dec @ 9:55 am

This website provide lots presentation tools and goodies, quiet right good for me. These abundant info presents many themes for different topics.
Thanks your sharing.

Annie H.

Posted by Annie — 19 Dec @ 5:41 pm

you guys have cool greeting cards

Posted by Dawid — 19 Dec @ 11:00 pm

This website was great use to me. I’d like to thank the creater. I’ve searched the internet for somthing that doesn’t involve downloading but there are few. So once again thanks to the creater.

Posted by Norman — 22 Dec @ 3:55 am

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