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Adding music to entire presentation…?

Adding music to entire presentation…?

Whenever I add a music file to my powerpoint presentation, I can only get it to play on one slide. Is there a way to get the music to continue playing throughout the entire presentation? Also, is there a way to burn a powerpoint presentation to a DVD disk?

If not, does anyone know a program that does allow this?

What you need to do is insert your sound on the slide that you want it on…and then click on Custom Animation task pane, and then Effect options. There’s an option that you can click on that makes it play the music through a certain amount of slides – just click it and then adjust to the amount of slides that you’d like the music to play through.

that doesnt work on the version that i have


Have a read of "I want my sound to play for the whole presentation" in the sounds section of PowerPoint Alchemy Tutorials


24 October 2015

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