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Embed Video in to PPT Presentation

Embed Video in to PPT Presentation

I would like to embed a video clip into a powerpoint presentation and then make that presentation available to others. I can get the video clip into my presentation and I can run it from my computer. However, when I've emailed the presentation to others, they are unsuccessful at getting the video to play.

I've read that you can not embed the video clip into the presentation, that you can only embed a link to the video. Is this true? If not, how can I insert the clip so that it is viewable by others from their computers?


Unluckily - as far as I am aware there is no way to embed video into a presentation.

The only possibility would be to convert video to flash and embed the flash in the PowerPoint. This is not however a job for the feignt hearted.

The most widespread way is to zip both the PowerPoint and the video clip. This can also cause problems as people tend to read the PowerPoint by just double clicking on it in the zip file.

The way that I mostly use for projects like this is to use WinZip Self Extractor. You can zip both the PowerPoint and movie files and they will then both be extracted into the same directory. It is a bit fiddly, but it does produce the results that you want.


Simply send the video file itself in the same directory and folder as the .ppt and the embedded video will be visible.


I have been having this problem with a client recently who has needed to distribute hyperlinked files.

We have come up with too solutions.

1. Send the files, in the same directory on a CD ROM.

2. Put all of the files into a self extracting Zip file. Winzip do a product called the Winzip Self Extractor for $29 dollars. I have used this file very effectively and put the completed file up as a hyperlink onto our web site.

John Wilson

There's a tutorial below on our site which takes you through how to make a self extracting zip that creates the video and ppt in my documents and a shortcut right on the desktop! We use WinRar but I guess it would be similar with WinZip. I know My Docs isn't the ideal place but the path length is rearely long enough to cause problems


Apparently you can.

Insert Video Objects (Video with Play Controller)

PowerPoint also allows you to insert video objects within a slide - the advantage in inserting such video objects is that you'll get a video controller along with the video itself while PowerPoint is in slide show mode. Thus you can stop, pause and play the video right within PowerPoint.

1. Navigate to the slide where you want your video inserted in a new or existing presentation.

2. Choose Insert | Object.

3. In the Insert Object dialog box, make sure that the 'Create new' radio button is selected and choose the Media Clip option (you could also choose the Video Clip option).

4. PowerPoint's menus will metamorphose to Media Player's menu options - choose Insert Clip provides several options including Video for Windows (for AVI videos) and DirectShow (for MPG, WMV and ASF movies) - the other options are to insert sound objects.

5. Choose Edit | Options and place a check next to the Auto Rewind option. You can also choose whether you want a control bar should be visible while the video plays. By default, this option is selected. Click OK.

6. Click anywhere outside the video object - you can reposition and resize your video.

Normally, video objects play when clicked - if you want the video to play immediately with the slide:

1. Select the video and choose Slide Show | Custom Animation. This will activate the Custom Animation taskpane.

2. With the video object still selected, choose Add Effect | Object Actions | Play.

3. Change the default Start value from On Click to After Previous.

John Wilson

1. I don't see Media Clip or Video Clip options.
2. Just half a dozen lines later Geetesh says ... "In fact PowerPoint cannot embed any movies within the presentation"

Yes you can embed video--sort of

- Insert Object

- From the list scroll down choose WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER

You'll see a Windows Media Player like interface in your power point slide.

Right-click it, select Properties.

There is a boring dialogue box that opens with various settings. In the "URL" box you can type in the web location or locally saved filename of the WMV file you want to play. So, if you can save your video file on the web so it has a URL, you can copy that URL in there. As long as the computer that is playing the power point has a high speed internet connection it will appear the video is embedded. On the plus side you dont have to email a huge powerpoint file since the video is actually hyperlinked on the web during playback.

Tinker with the other settings to have your video display in full screen mode...I only just discovered this having read the above posts, but hopefully this will help someone. Cheers



That's not embedding...that's linking.

John Wilson

Shawn Toh describes a way to make video travel with the presentation file here.
It's not actually playing in PowerPoint but it may be useful


If it can play in you computer it can also play in other's computer!
When you create a presentation, put the video file and presentation in the some folder, it is a good habit for you!
Simply send the video file itself in the same directory and folder as the .ppt and the embedded video will be visible.


How to put both files into 1 directory? This would seem so simple. Thanks

Pp 2007

Using a bit of experimenting I found the more controls in the extra menus in PP 07 added this to the task bar in PP then selected insert media player. Once the media player was inserted using advanced options then categorized options custom it allows you to add the file.

This therefore allows the embedded video to be played by the user when you transfer the presentation.

Given that you may be not to present this works better for a third party user.

John Wilson

Are you sure this doesn't just LINK?


You're right. It can't be embedded. As soon as you email your presentation with
the video in it, the link gets broken. Here's how you can solve the problem. Go to There you will find a product called fixlinks. They offer a free demo, and the price is $69. I tried it with my client and it worked! After all the time I put into this, $69 seems like a bargain! Now I have this for future jobs.

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