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Unexpected death in family

Unexpected death in family

My ex-husband died unexpectedly this past Monday. He had been residing in an Assisted Living facility for the past four years. Only my youngest son lives in the area and they were very close. His other three children live out of state and saw him once or twice a year. At his funeral Wednesday, I gave this prayer/poem to the minister to read as the final moment of the services. It can be used for either Mother or Father by changing the name. It was also used at my mother's funeral.

I remember thee in this solemn hour, my dear father.
I remember the days when thou didst dwell on earth,
and thy tender love watched over me like a guardian
angel. Thou has gone from me, but the bond which
united our souls can never be severed; thine image
lives within my heart. May the merciful Father reward
thee for the faithfulness and kindness thou hast ever
shown me; may He lift up the light of His countenance
upon thee and grant thee eternal peace.


That's beautiful. I've never seen that poem before.

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